Rock 'n' Roll: Going to Pot

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Scatological Satires. But when it comes to sheer shock value, no one can match the Fugs. The Fugs have no use for innuendo: they lay it right on the line. While such ditties as Wet Dream over You and Group Grope (which features two simulated orgasms) are obvious even to the grown-up squares, the Fugs' scatological satires have gained a steadily growing audience on the college campuses. Says Chief Fug Ed Sanders: "There are too many taboos in society, and we want to eliminate them. Being a Fug is better than being on a peace walk."

While the Fugs have unquestionably extended the trend to extremes, not everyone has gone to pot. Kicks, a song written by the husband-and-wife team of Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil, warns so effectively about the evils of drugs that the composers were given an award by Synanon, the self-help group for narcotics addicts.

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