Hollywood: Old Cary Grant Fine

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On a set, he drives directors and fellow actors round the bend with his fussy attention to minutiae. "Five hundred small details add up to an impression," he says. He once went over the scalps of innumerable extras to see if their hair had been properly dyed. Filming That Touch of Mink, he went shopping with Co-Star Doris Day and supervised her purchase of shoes, skirts and blouses to wear in the picture; back in Hollywood, he was so disturbed when he saw the paintings on a set wall that he held up production while he went home and returned with better ones from his private collection.

In his studio office, he keeps three tremendous photographs of his wives and numberless mementos of his long and lofty career. "The good old days are now," he grins amiably. A short time ago, a magazine editor wired him: HOW OLD CARY GRANT? And he wired back: OLD CARY


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