Cinema: The New Pictures, Feb. 2, 1953

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Taxi (20th Century-Fox) is a sentimental 18-hour journey in a New York taxicab. The fanciful story tells of an Irish colleen (Constance Smith) who arrives in New York with her baby to find her husband, a no-good fellow who wooed and won her in Dublin and then disappeared. With the help of a cocky cab driver (Dan Dailey), the pretty immigrant finally tracks down her man. By then, of course, it has long been obvious that her heart belongs to the cabbie.

The movie has some interesting scenery, filmed in and around New York, and some effective minor types, notably a group of smart-aleck cabbies. In a straight acting role, Song & Dance Man Dailey plays the cab driver in robust style, while Constance Smith is a winsomely wide-eyed passenger. Amusing scene: Colleen Smith using a bit of blarney to talk an Irish cop out of giving Cabbie Dailey a traffic ticket.

*Departing from theatrical tradition Disney has cast Peter Pan as a real boy (with Bobby Driscoll's voice on the sound track). On the stage, Peter has traditionally been played by women: on Broadway, from Maude Adams (1905) to Jean Arthur (1950). In a 1925 movie version of Peter Pan, Betty Bronson (see cut) played the title role.

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