The Press: The War of the Roses

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"When it came to jewelry, it was all last season's stuff—92 different pieces which contained somewhat less than 200 carats of blue-white diamonds. When she asked me to buy the Hope diamond, I touted her off by telling her it was bad luck . . . When we split up, she was virtually destitute—$163,000 in cash and Government bonds. It's plain as the price tag on a Tiffany necklace that Eleanor is right when she labels me a tightwad. We'd probably still be together if I had made some decent gesture like putting the Taj Mahal on ball bearings and rolling it into New York."

* Rose is suing for divorce on grounds of adultery. Eleanor, former Olympic swimming star, is suing for a separation.

* Who last week won a $2,000,000 settlement for the former wife of Tobacco Heir Richard J. Reynolds.

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