MOVIES ABROAD: The New Maharajahs

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Educated Indians huffily pride themselves on never seeing an Indian movie. With the exception of a few original moviemakers in Calcutta, where Director Satyajit Ray filmed the prizewinning Father Panchali (TIME, Oct. 20), the Indian movie business is likely to go on pandering to more undemanding millions than Hollywood ever envisioned. There is good reason: the occasional jackpot is full of jack indeed. For a borrowed $500,000 two years ago, Bombay Producer Mehboob Khan made a color film, Mother India (no kin to Katherine Mayo's book of the same name), which has since raked in $2,000,000. Mehboob's next step: getting Hollywood itself to lend a co-producing hand with an even more lavish film fetchingly titled Taj Mahal. What will happen when Hollywood and Bombay meet, Siva only knows.

* Japan has the second biggest (after Hollywood) in terms of number of movies and footage shot.

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