COMMUNISTS: Of All the Virtues . . .

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"Who fights for Communism must be able to fight and not to fight, to say the truth and not to say the truth, to render and to deny service, to keep a promise and to break a promise, to go into danger and to avoid danger, to be known and to be unknown. Who fights for Communism has of all the virtues only one: that he fights for Communism."

Lenin invented that kind of Communism, although Ruth Fischer prefers to blame it on Lenin's heir, Stalin.

*Harvard University Press; $8.

*Gerhart Eisler is in the U.S. After Ruth testified against him, he was convicted of perjury and contempt of Congress and faces at least two years' imprisonment. But he is now out on bail, pending appeals. Last March, Hanns hurriedly left the U.S. for Vienna, to avoid deportation.

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