National Defense: Ideal Tank?

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In time for a new war, the best heavy tank in the world was unveiled at Eddystone, near Philadelphia, this week. A joint product of Baldwin Locomotive Works and U.S. Army Ordnance, it weighs 57 tons, is heavily armored with welded and cast plate. Its contours are rounded to deflect hits, and even its traction gear is protected by steel. Its turrets are power driven, its silhouette cut down. It totes a three-inch double-purpose anti-tank & aircraft gun, powerful enough to stop any tank in existence, is equipped with a secret device, which gives its gunners 500% more accuracy than can be had in any other tank today. Powered by a 1,000-h.p. Wright Cyclone-type airplane motor, the new tank is as speedy as the M-3 medium (top, 25 m.p.h.), in comparison with smaller types rides as smoothly as a limousine.

Because the new tank wastes no space, carries a lot of its weight in armor, it looks almost as small as a medium. Only 75s and 105s, loaded with armor-piercing -shells, would be effective against it. Although many a layman was skeptical of the new machine, figuring that few bridges would bear its weight, Army men knew that it could be utilized with devastating effect in open country. In action against other tanks, it is expected to have the power of battleship, the maneuverability of a destroyer.