Milestones, Apr. 21, 1941

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Married. Forest Evashevski, 22, captain of the University of Michigan's football team, president of his class, football coach-elect at Hamilton College; and Ruth Margaret Brown, 22, daughter of Michigan's Senator Prentiss Marsh Brown; in St. Ignace, Mich.

Married. Ethel Woodward, socialite daughter of Banker-Sportsman William Woodward, owner of three Kentucky Derby winners (Gallant Fox, Omaha, Johnstown); and Philippe de Croisset, veteran of Dunkirk, son of the late Parisian Playwright François de Croisset; in Manhattan.

Married. Lincoln Edward Kirstein, 33, tall, tense esthete, director of Manhattan's School of the American Ballet; and Fidelma Cadmus, 33, sister of Sailor-&-Floozy Painter Paul Cadmus; in Manhattan.

Married. James Roosevelt, 33, U.S. Marine captain on leave from his job as motion-picture producer; and Nurse Romelle Theresa Schneider, 25, who attended him after his ulcers operation at Rochester, Minn, in 1938; one month after the divorce of Betsy Gushing Roosevelt, surgeon's daughter, became final, and two days after Catholic Nurse Schneider had finished observing Lent; in Los Angeles. Mrs. Franklin Roosevelt flew from Boston, where she had seen her niece married, to attend the ceremony. Sister and Brother-in-law Ann and John Boettiger came down from Seattle. The five Roosevelt siblings have now been married a total of eight times.

Died. Loring C. Christie, 56, Canadian civil servant, Harvard Law School graduate, since 1939 Canadian Minister to the U.S.; after a long illness; in Manhattan.

Died. Urbain J. Ledoux, 56, onetime U.S. consular servant and peace crusader; in Manhattan. Preferring to live with, minister to Manhattan's Bowery bums, he hid his identity, said: "I am nothing to you but bread and water." Cackled one: "I've got your number. You're zero. That's nothing." So he became their Mr. Zero.

Died. The Marquis de Rochambeau, 75, a vice president of the Sons of the American Revolution, direct descendant of the general whom Louis XVI dispatched in 1780 to command the French armies supporting the American Revolution; in his family chateau near Saint-Gaultier, France.

Died. Dr. Annie Jump Cannon, 77, world's leading woman astronomer, called the "Census Taker of the Sky" because during her lifelong researches at Harvard observatory she methodically counted up, according to their spectra, almost 400,000 stellar bodies; in Cambridge, Mass.