Milestones, Feb. 19, 1940

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Birthdays. Hoosier Humorist George Ade, his 74th; with a quip: "This birthday isn't very welcome, but I guess it can't be avoided"; George Herman ("Babe") Ruth, his 46th; ditto: "Darned if I get any fun out of birthdays."

Married. Comic Bert Lahr, 44; and former Showgirl Mildred Schroeder Robinson, 26; both for the second time; in Elkton, Md.

Married. Author Ludwig Lewisohn, 56 (The Modern Drama, Upstream, The Creative Life); and Edna Manley, 31, who fell in love with him from reading his books; after one ceremony had been broken up by portly Thelma Bowman Spear, 36, who claimed she was Lewisohn's common-law spouse, shouted: "I have been his wife, his muse, his soul"; in Baltimore, Md. Next day Miss Spear turned up in Manhattan (where the Lewisohns were honeymooning). Newsmen, photographers heard her plaints, watched Son Jimmy, 6, bite her hand, scream: "I never did like you. I want to go to my father." (Newlywed Papa Lewisohn plans to sue for his custody.)

Divorced. William Stix, 28, Washington lawyer; by Yaltah Menuhin Stix, 18, youngest of the musical Menuhin family (Brother Yehudi, Sister Hephzibah); in San Jose, Calif. Grounds: neglect.

Divorced. British Cinemactor Herbert Marshall, 49; by British Cinemactress Edna Best, 39; at Las Vegas, Nev., under the auspices of Judge Roger Foley, who five minutes later married her to Hollywood Agent Nat Wolff, 40.

Shot. Dr. Karl Roos, 61, Alsatian autonomist leader; after conviction on the charge of conveying military secrets; by a French firing squad; at dawn in Toul.

Died. Father John William Rockfort Maguire, C. S. V., 57, labor mediator and onetime president of St. Viator College; of a heart attack; in Miami, Fla. Union-wise, unostentatious, Ireland-born Father Maguire settled some 86 strikes in 25 years, was termed by Labor Secretary Frances Perkins "the best trouble shooter Labor has."

Died. Baron Tweedsmuir of Elsfield, Governor General of Canada, 64; after three cranial operations; in Montreal (see p. 27).

Died. William Edward Dodd, 70, teacher, historian, undiplomatic U. S. Ambassador to Germany (1933-37); of pneumonia; in Round Hill, Va.

Died. Ellen Gates Starr, 80, co-founder with the late Jane Addams of Chicago's famed Hull House; after long illness; in Suffern, N. Y.