Foreign News: Woman of the Year

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*Baron Nuffield of Morris Motors, "the Henry Ford of Great Britain/' last week gave $10,000,000 into the hands of three private trustees "to give practical shape to current expressions of good will toward King George and at the same time do anything I can to support the National Government, particularly Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin.'' Seated on a platform at Oxford University recently, plain Lord Nuffield. who grew up in Oxfordshire from bicycle tinkerer to motors tycoon, was so affected by the intoxicating words in which Oxonians thanked him for giving their medical school $6,250,000 that he got to his feet and cried out he would give Oxford another $3,750,000. explaining that he did so "on the sudden impulse of the moment." Punch promptly cartooned Nuffield honking a motor horn from which gold pieces pour into the inverted mortarboards of scrambling Oxford dignitaries.

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