The Press: TIME Ban

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Hambleden was shocked by what he read about Countess Edda Ciano in TIME, but at first no reason was given for the ban. Questioned by the daily press, which saw something dangerously approaching censorship, the wholesalers attributed the ban to their fear of libel suits. In the 15 years it has been circulated in Great Britain TIME has never been sued for libel. Though startled by the ban in a country which boasts of its free press, TIME planned no action, left the business of Britain's press censorship up to Britain's press itself.*

Without distribution by the wholesalers, TIME lost about 1,500 circulation in England. But the wholesalers do not entirely control newsstand circulation. TIME'S distributors, Milton Gorringe Ltd., went straight to the retailers, sold some 750 copies on newsstands and on the streets last week.

*Japan, Cuba and Mexico have also occasionally banned issues of TIME. *As for Edda Ciano's private life, it is a favorite topic of conversation among thousands of European socialites, sophisticates and Government officials.

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