GERMANY: Vivid Satisfaction!

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Ever since Franklin Delano Roosevelt entered the White House, Germans have been extremely watchful of his attitude toward Adolf Hitler's Government, have rated the President discreetly but definitely anti-Nazi. Adolf Hitler was never more vehemently sincere than when he welcomed to Berlin last week the new U. S. Ambassador, Career Diplomat Hugh R. Wilson, with what the Führer called "vivid satisfaction!"

"It is my earnest wish that the maintenance and development of friendly relations and bonds which prevail between our two countries may be deepened and strengthened while I am here," said Mr. Wilson.

Germans particularly criticized the seedy air and ill-fitting clothes of Professor Dodd. They highly approved the arrival of Ambassador Wilson in faultless full dress, white tie and the black waistcoat correct in Europe on such occasions. Der Führer, although he addresses the Reichstag and makes nearly all his public appearances in the khaki of a simple Storm Trooper, received Ambassador Wilson dressed exactly like him.