Foreign News: Prince Edward

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The Duke's hostess is beauteous onetime Miss Catharine Wolff of Philadelphia, rated "one of the 20 best-dressed women in the world." She was Protestant with her first husband (a Mr. Spotswood), Roman Catholic with her second (an Austrian count), and espoused the Jewish persuasion to marry her present Rothschild. Queen Victoria piously claimed that the British Royal Family are descended from Biblical David, "King of the Jews," and it was this which caused "David" to be made not only one of the names of Edward VIII but the name by which his family always called him.

Baron Rothschild closely accompanied his Baroness and the Duke when they played a round of golf on the castle's private links, and the Austrian caddy said that his Royal Highness continually sang snatches of popular tunes.

On the ex-King's first Sunday away from England, the Archbishop of Canterbury broadcast: "A new morning has dawned. . . . Yet let there be no boasting in our pride!" The proud Primate went on to describe the Duke of Windsor as "alien," called him as though already dead "our late King," denounced his "craving for private happiness" and referred to the present War Secretary of Great Britain, Captain Alfred Duff-Cooper and other close intimates of Edward VIII, thus: "Let those who belong in this circle know that today they stand rebuked!"

A steward on the Britannic: "In the pubs at Southampton they say 'he's a bloody fool. If he'd kept quiet, he could have had her on the side. But trying to put this over—it's too thick!' "

U. S. Senator Gore of Oklahoma: "If I had been King, I would have had the Coronation in due course, then married this woman, then said to the world, 'it's your move next.' "

Arthur Brisbane: "Magnificent, perhaps, but perhaps unnecessary. . . . The Throne and the life around it breeds weakness. . . . It is not necessary to tell ambitious young American women . . . how Mrs. Simpson will feel when she marries what is left of the 'king.' "

Masses, crowding Manhattan's No. 1 newsreel theatre, the Embassy in Times Square, behaved as follows at sight on the screen of: Prince Edward (cheers); Mrs. Simpson (cheers) ; her first husband Commander Spencer, U.S.N. (boos); her second and present husband Mr. Simpson (cheers & boos); the Archbishop of Canterbury (BOOS); new Crown Princess Elizabeth (boos); new King George & Queen Elizabeth (boos!); Prime Minister Baldwin (PROLONGED CATCALLS AND BOOS!); King Edward & Mrs. Simpson bathing in the Mediterranean (CHEERS!).

New York Roma Daily News: "His woman habits were, at least until the Simpson affair, promiscuous. He violated the homes of at least four of his subjects who up to that time had thought themselves his friends. He also had numerous fugitive amatory incidents with all sorts of people."

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