National Affairs: Second Sit-Down, Lie-Down

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Ended by recognition of their United Automobile Workers union last week was a seven-day "sitdown" by 1,100 workers in the big Bendix accessories plant at South Bend, Ind. (TIME, Nov. 30). Same day the Bendix employes went back to work on double shifts, little U.A.W.. out to organize the Automobile industry by striking at its most vulnerable link, the part's makers, called a "sitdown" of 1,200 men in Detroit's Midland Steel Products Co., which makes frame's for Chrysler and Ford.

¶ Twelve women and 45 men, picketing the Berkshire Knitting Mills in Reading, Pa. by lying flat on its ice-covered front walk, refused to budge under a tear-gas barrage, were arrested, sentenced to 30 days in jail for "blocking the sidewalk."