Sport: Basketball: Midseason

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The "Little Doctor" had his innings last week when Wisconsin trounced Ohio 42-to-23 and, before a crowd of 12,500, upset the dark horse of the Conference, Minnesota, 31-to-30. Minnesota has a 19-year-old centre named Gordon Norman who stands 6 ft. 4 in., is still growing. Popping one-handed shots over his head from the free-throw line, he has piled up 81 points in nine games, helped his team from a slow start up to second place, whence it slipped last week to fourth.

In the "Big Six" Kansas, playing a deliberate, conservative style, wedged into a tie for first place with Oklahoma by beating the latter last week, 22-to-16.

Notre Dame, coached by famed George ("Doc") Keogan, belongs to no conference, barnstorms the country knocking off conference top-notchers. Its winning streak of 22 games was broken by Pitt this season. When Notre Dame plays, everybody watches Ed ('"Moose") Krause who, besides being a crack football tackle, is one of the flashiest basketball centres in the U. S. He shoots one-handed, pops them in from 15 or 20 ft. With two Pitt men covering him throughout the game, he scored 10 points.

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