Sport: Canada's Year

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Canadian golf came of age a fortnight ago when, for the first time in history, a Dominion man carried off the U. S. amateur title. Elation in Canadian locker rooms last week was heightened another degree. For the first time since 1926 the Canadian women's title came home from the U. S. Miss Margery Kirkham of Montreal's Forest Hills club was the heroine, at Kanawaki. Quebec. By 4 & 2 she turned back the last U. S. player, Bernice Wall of Oshkosh. Wis.. in the semifinals, then went on to whip Mrs. Charles Eddis of Toronto in the final. 3 & 2. Square-jawed Maureen Orcutt of Englewood, N. J. was not there to defend her title. Neither was Mrs. Glenna Collett Vare, champion 1923-24.

The festive mood of Canada's golfers was not shared by the moose-nosed young man who chiefly caused it. Charles Ross ("Silent Sandy") Somerville, journeying homewards to London, Ont. with the U. S. amateur trophy, ignored five telegrams from the homefolks asking when he would arrive for a public reception. He slipped home quietly to his mother's apartment, went to bed right after dinner. Said his mother: "You'd think he had just come from the Hunt Club. You'd never know he'd been away!"

The London Hunt Club went ahead anyway, ordered a banquet and gift car for Silent Sandy Somerville.