Foreign News: Gold's Week

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Alchemist. Medieval in their great black robes and ermine tippets, a solemn bevy of French judges in Paris last week gave Monsieur Jean de Habdank Dunikowski a chance to prove in their presence that he can transmute other metals into gold by bombarding them with what he calls "Z-rays."

Switching on his Z-tube, Alchemist Dunikowski began to repeat the experiment which led several rich Frenchmen to lend him money, next led him to the Sante Prison. With a loud bang the Z-tube blew up. The French judges promised Alchemist Dunikowski (severely burned under his right eye) another chance, as soon as he can make a new Z-tube.

Hoard. Biggest of all time was the gold hoard of the Bank of France last week. Already holding $2,900,000,000 worth of gold, French bankers hinted that they might withdraw another $100,000,000 belonging to them in Manhattan. With confidence in the dollar high throughout the world, U. S. bankers declared that the French could take their gold and welcome.

Gold ingots worth $320,000 plunked into Cherbourg harbor last week while Frenchmen were unloading $24,000,000 of gold from the U. S. from the British liner Berengaria. Soon French divers had recovered all but $24,000 worth of the lost gold. When they finally gave up the hunt with shrugs, French dredges began to dredge.

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