New Pictures: Sep. 2, 1929

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Wrath of the Seas (German-British). Parts of this picture, made with the co-operation of the British and German governments, are fine newsreels of the Battle of Jutland. Other parts, made with the co-operation of Nils Asther, one Agnes Esterhazt and one Bernhard Goetzke, show a German naval commander drearily betrayed by his wife. The triangle is grafted on Jutland by connecting scenes with British extras made up as sailors but looking more like members of an amateur dramatic club in a benefit performance of Pinafore. Best shot: a British warship taking the sudden, hardly perceptible list which means that she is going to sink.

Half Marriage (RKO). After several reels of almost continuous kissing, Olive Borden is faced with a moment when the bad fellow who has been trying to get her away from her husband chases her up to the roof, makes a pass at her, falls over the edge, is killed. She wants to take the blame, and her husband wants to take the blame. The worst of it is that she has to explain to her father, who is a billionaire, that she is married. She had kept this a secret all the time and lived in her own house. Only the occasional entry of Vaudevillain Ken Murray and his orchestra relieve the dreadful tedium of Half Marriage. Typical line of dialog: "When you hold me like this, I'm gaga."

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