JAPAN: Murder Price

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Japanese justice proved to the world last week that no one can commit murder in Japan without paying the price.

The Murder: A month ago, scowling Marshal Chang Tsung-chang, brutal Chinese ex-governor of Shantung Province, sat by an open window in his summer hotel on the Japanese Island of Beppu (TIME, Aug. 12). In the hotel garden strolled an elegant Manchu, slender Prince Hsien Kai, a cousin of China's deposed Boy-Emperor, Henry P'u-yi. At that moment, a pistol which Marshal Chang happened to be holding, happened to go off. The bullet happened to strike Prince Hsien Kai in the back, happened to kill him. Beppu gossips hinted that Prince Hsien Kai had been unduly intimate with one of Marshal Chang's 20 or 30 wives;

The Price: Tried last week before the Oita; District Court, scowling Marshal Chang was sentenced to 15 days in jail, or a fine of $150. He paid the fine.