Science: Marvel

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Members of the Danville, Ill., Rotary clubassembled last week to behold a marvel. Awe was in every heart as a man stood among them, all unafraid, and bade an assistant fire revolver bullets at him point blank. "Blam! Blam-blam!" The Rotarians could scarcely believe their eyes as the bullets quite obviously smote their target and still he stood unhurt. The Rotarians drew closer . . . "Blam-blam!" . . . and soon three of them were writhing with pain. Baker Walter C. Spitz, Banker John Telling and Reporter H. V. Streeter suffered cuts, scratches and contusions as chunks of lead, ricocheting from the entertainer's fancy waistcoat—now proved bullet- proof beyond the shadow of a doubt—whirred among craning necks and peering heads, luckily injuring only three and those but slightly.