People: Nov. 8, 1926

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Had they been interviewed, some people who figured in last week's news might have related certain of their doings as follows:

Mrs. Woodrow Wilson: "Last week I re-entered society for the first time in five years, by attending a formal tea given for me in Washington by the Women's National Democratic Club. All my hostesses demonstrated their knowledge of politics to the satisfaction of Democratic party chieftains, who were also present. I wore a Paris hat, which has a rhinestone buckle, my double strand of pearls, falling almost to my waist, and a bouquet of lavender orchids, pinned to my right shoulder."

Guglielmo Marconi, radio engineer: "Last week I attended the British Institution of Civil Engineers in London; saw Sir Charles Parsons, inventor of the marine turbine, receive the famed Kelvin Gold Medal. I addressed the assemblage, saying in part: 'I hope you will not think me too visionary if I say that it may be possible that some day electric waves may be used for the transmission of power over moderate distances, if we succeed in perfecting devices for projecting the waves in parallel beams in such a manner as to minimize dispersion of the energy into space.' As all my auditors knew, I had already perfected such beam-projection for directive radio communication. Last fortnight I received a postoffice certificate for shortwave 'beam' stations connecting England and Canada (TIME, Nov. 1)."

Henry Ford: "Last week I was reported as saying to the school children at Gatlinburg, Tenn.: 'This is the first speech I ever made in my life. I am glad to be here and I am glad to see you children all so clean and healthy. That remark will cause some of my party to laugh, but I will explain it later. I thank you.' "

Arthur Capper, potent Senator from Kansas: "Besides my duties as a law maker, I bring joy into many a prairie home with my Cap per's Weekly, famed 16-page clean tabloid hodgepodge. My paper entertains with pictures of Mrs. Leo nard Kip Rhinelander, Iowa's champion grandma, mother and child hippopotami — all sandwiched in between "sillygisms" and other little quips. Fortnight ago, one of my editors conceived this one: 'A great thunderclap shook the earth during a shower. "Wow," exclaimed a colored citizen standing under an awning. "Hell done laid a aig."' But my little paper is not facetious. Every week it contains a good solid column by Arthur Brisbane and an editorial by myself. When I do not have time to write one, I quote from my speeches. Here is a sample: 'The red communists and socialists are a far less imminent peril to the country than the complacent 100% Americans who sneer at prohibition in the constitution and connive in its nullification. . . "

Roald Amundsen, Polar pilgrim: "The trophies of my recent three year Arctic trip have been stolen from their packing cases, somewhere in transit through customs. The cases arrived at Oslo, Norway, via Seattle, containing only straw. I lost rare skins, a cinema camera with many feet of film, and many priceless scientific objects. I am thankful, however, that my scientific records escaped."

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