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He is a quick thinker and a good diplomat. When he wants the co-operation of a body of his people he makes them feel, without actual declaration, that they are the most willing workers in the world. When his people fall below his high expectations he scolds them with archiespiscopal paternity. Chicago has never refused him a request. And his requests have been practical commands made with the warm assurance of his archiepiscopal rights and duties.

The Bride's Proxy. Cardinal Mundelein's spiritual bouquet will be carried to the Supreme Pontiff of the Catholic Church by His Eminence, Giovanni Cardinal Bonzano, sent as the Pope's legate. In selecting the legate to this XXVIII Eucharistic Congress, the Pope experienced much embarrassment, for few of the cardinals on duty about the Vatican colleges can speak English and of those who can some might irritate U. S. Catholics. The Church, besides promulgating its faith, must also deal with peoples, must induce them to cooperate toward the holy aims. Thus Cardinal Merry del Val, who speaks English well, is persona non grata to Cardinal Mundelein, according to all reports. When (1912-1922) Cardinal, then Bishop, Bonzano was Apostolic Delegate and Apostolic Visitor Extraordinary to the U. S., some quiet friction developed between him and Cardinal O'Connell of Boston. But Cardinal Bonzano has ever been par excellence the diplomat, the smoother of difference. He brought the U. S. heirarchy to work with him.

*A decorative motif of this magnificent parish church is the Shield of David, a phenomenon which amazes Jews.

**This congress, in 1908, was most important, being not only the first held in an English-speaking country, but also opening the way for the first appearance on British soil in more than 350 years of a legate from the Pope. Vincenzo Cardinal Vannutelli was that legate (he is still alive), and with him were six other cardinals, 14 archbishops, 70 bishops and a host of priests. Proceedings were magnificent. British Catholics hailed this congress as the flower and fruit of the "Second Spring." But they were saddened by the protest and public clamor raised by the societies composing the Protestant Alliance. The Alliance prevented the public parading of the Blessed Sacrament.

***This small and thriving town lies north of Chicago, toward Milwaukee and eight miles inland from Lake Michigan. Nine paved highways now reach toward it. But until very recently it was a disappointment to its townspeople. They hoped that its proximity to Chicago would bring it a real estate boom. The boom came not. So the citizens changed the town's name like the rebaptism of an unfortunate child. Still no boom. So they rechristened it. Still barrenness. Then 15 years ago along came a teacher of salesmanship who re-named it Area (the initials of Ability, Reliability, Endurance and Action). But the bird of the dollar brought no good omen. Finally Cardinal Mundelein, as Archbishop of Chicago, bought 1,200 acres there, including a beautiful little lake, and gave the place its present name of Mundelein. Here he has started on a $10,000,000 building program, having already established the Seminary of St. Mary of the Lake, the largest Catholic seminary in the U. S.

****She was born in 1873; died in 1879 canonized in 1925.

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