Milestones: Dec. 8, 1924

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Engaged. Miss Alexandra Stirling, of Atlanta, Ga., three times (1916, 1919, 1920) women's national (amateur) golf champion of the U. S., to one Dr. Wilbert G. Frasier of Ottawa, Canada.

Married. Roger Bresnahan, 45, onetime baseball catcher, onetime manager of the St. Louis "Cardinals," the Toledo "Mudhens," to Miss Gertrude Norenberg, 41, Toledo society belle; in Westmoreland, Toledo suburb.

Married Pete Robinson ("Living Skeleton"), aged 45, weight 58 lb., to Bunny Smith, ("Fat Lady"), aged 23, weight 467 lb.; in Manhattan.

Married. Charles Chaplin, 35, famed cinema actor, to Miss Lita Grey, his leading lady; in Empalme, Mexico.

Sued for Divorce. Roscoe ("Fatty") Arbuckle, deposed cinema clown, by Mrs. Minta Durfee Arbuckle; in Paris. She charged desertion.

Died. Monroe ("Dolly") Stark, 38, onetime (1911) shortstop for the Brooklyn National League Baseball Club; in Memphis, shot by an assassin, at his roadhouse.

Died. Giacomo Puccini, 66, composer of La Bohème, Tosca, Madame Butterfly, Manon Lescaut; in Brussels, Belgium, of heart disease. (See Page 15.)

Died. The Rev. John J. Roche, 100, "oldest priest in the world"; in Belfast, Ireland. He attended the funeral of Pope Gregory XVI in 1846.