THE PRESIDENCY: The White House Week: Jan. 7, 1924

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¶ The President wrote to Julius H. Barnes and to Samuel Gompers urging that their respective organizations (the U. S. Chamber of Commerce and the American Federation of Labor) appoint permanent committees to aid in placing disabled veterans in jobs. There are still about 70,000 disabled veterans receiving training from the Veterans' Bureau, of whom about 3,000 will be discharged as rehabilitated every month.

¶ Mr. Coolidge decided to follow the example set by President Wilson and personally use the famous "Lincoln" , bedstead which has usually been kept on display in one of the guest rooms of the White House. When the present Edward of Wales visited the U. S., he examined the old four-poster with some interest, for once, during the Buchanan Administration, it had been used by a previous Prince of Wales— he who later became Edward VII.

¶ The Coolidges took a six-hour cruise on the Potomac aboard the Mayflower. The guests included Secretary and Mrs. Denby, Assistant Postmaster General Bartlett and Mrs. Bartlett, former Senator and Mrs. McCumber, Representative Kahn of California and Mrs. Kahn, Mrs. Alice Roosevelt Longworth, Director of the Budget and Mrs. Lord, Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Stearns.

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