Religion: Jews

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In Manhattan, the biennial Ameriman -Jewish Congress finished three days' business and adjourned. Officers reelected: Nathan Straus, Honorary President; Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, President; Bernard G. Richards, Executive Secretary. Vice Presidents: Samuel Untermyer, Aaron J. Levy, Joseph Barondess.

Palestine Mandate. Prompted and advised by Israel Zangwill, the Congress urged Great Britain to enforce, fully and soon, the conditions of the mandate over Palestine granted Great Britain by the League of Nations in 1922. Britain's obligation under this mandate is to assist Jewry in establishing in Palestine a Jewish national home. Prime accessory to this end is a loan to the Jews to develop the resources of their ancestral land. Such a loan has been projected, but delayed, by Sir Herbert L. Samuel's

Palestine Administration. Mr. Zangwill and the Congress gave assurance that the loan would speedily be taken up by Jews the world over, would be generously supplemented by donations and private investment.

Education. Discord between orthodox and reformed Jews clanged harshly when the committee on education reported that less than 25% of Jewish children receive religious education, and proposed a national committee to survey progress and distribute information on this subject. Champions of orthodoxy protested, fearing invasion of parental rights. Agreement was reached upon the formation of an education committee of purely informative function.