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The Kenyan election also highlights how the West--for so long focused on Africa as a place of war, famine and disaster--has failed to recognize an emerging continent that demands sovereign control over its affairs. After the election, the U.S., Britain and others congratulated Kenya on a peaceful vote but found themselves unable to mention the victor by name. Accused of terrible crimes, a wealthy elitist who inherited his political power, and a proponent of an election manifesto notable mainly for its hallucinatory optimism, Kenyatta is hardly an ideal President. But many in the region feel that's Kenya's problem, not the West's. As Kenyatta himself said in his victory speech, "The Africa star is shining brightly, and the destiny of Africa is now in our hands."

Perry, TIME's Africa bureau chief, is based in Cape Town

An Empty Nest


Azra, a 68-year-old Christian, looks at the body of her pet bird, which died March 9 when a Muslim mob, incensed by a blasphemy rumor, attacked the Christian enclave of Badami Bagh in the city of Lahore. While homes like Azra's and other property were destroyed, residents escaped in time, and there were no casualties. The incident triggered Christian protests across Pakistan, which in recent months has seen an escalation of violence aimed at minority sects.



Residents who voted no in a referendum on whether the archipelago claimed by Argentina should stay in the U.K.; 1,513 voted yes


North Korea's most outlandish remarks

After earning new U.N. sanctions and attempting to scrap the 1953 armistice that ended the Korean War, the Hermit Kingdom did what it does best: threaten wildly. Here are the North's five best jabs

March 2001

North Korea threatened "thousandfold revenge" on the U.S. for a "black-hearted intention" to scuttle its peace dialogue with South Korea

July 2009

After then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said North Korea was just seeking attention with its taunts, Pyongyang shot back with this nugget: "Her words suggest that she is by no means intelligent."

July 2010

North Korea promised a "retaliatory sacred war" after being blamed for the sinking of a South Korean ship, which killed 46 sailors

April 2012

The North said it would reduce Seoul "to ashes" as tensions between the two countries escalated yet again

February 2013

During a debate at the U.N. Conference on Disarmament, a North Korean diplomat said of South Korea, "A newborn puppy knows no fear of a tiger."


'It is not a suicide case. It is a conspiracy and murder.'

A.P. Singh, lawyer for Ram Singh--one of the six men on trial for the December gang rape of a medical student on a New Delhi bus--after his client purportedly hanged himself in his jail cell on March 11. The suspect's family, including his mother (right), insists foul play was involved. The gang rape, which led to the death of the 23-year-old victim, sparked protests across India

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