Shut Up and Pay Up, Please

The tax whiners forget how good they have it

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Peter Arkle for TIME

Discount. The stated corporate tax rate is 39%. The effective rate? 12%

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The whiners are right that the tax code is ridiculously complex. I'm all for tax efficiency and efficient government. But I tend to look at Tax Freedom Day from a different perspective. To me, it's Tax Freebie Day. We live in a five-star resort of a country, and people whine about having to pay for the umbrella drinks. But think about value for money. The real deal with personal taxes in Club USA is that you buy one day and get three at no extra charge. We even have a National Weather Service so we know how to dress in the morning. If this got any better, they'd serve me orange juice too.

Every day of the year I live in the richest country in the history of the world, one that offers a free basic education and a billion cable channels. It has baseball. We are protected by a kick-ass military. And after April 17, it's all free? Go ahead, raise my taxes. Or lower them if you want. Just sign me up for another year.

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