People: Dec. 12, 2005

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From Hamlet to Wet Hot American Summer, which end of your acting range is more satisfying? I like really profoundly written plays, and I like broad comedies. On some astral plane, they don't seem that different to me. I'm like a musician who keeps changing his sound. Not that I consider myself a musician. More of a roadie.

You just finished shooting a film in which you play Ashton Kutcher to Michelle Pfeiffer's Demi Moore. How'd it go? Yeah, that was really, really rough. It's by Amy Heckerling, who did Clueless. It's a romantic comedy, older-woman-younger-guy thing. Amy puts an unconventional spin on a conventional movie premise.

As Phoebe's fella on Friends, did you ever feel like the seventh wheel? They couldn't have been more welcoming. It was surreal to sit in the coffee shop. It was also weird being in something people were actually going to see.

You were once a bar mitzvah DJ. Did you have a signature song? The band Right Said Fred was big at the time. That was what got the 13-year-olds to say "I gotta rock this one out. Where's that limbo stick?"

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