People: Aug. 12, 1985

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"The mayor isn't there to sit and worry about keeping his job. He's there to do what's best for the people." So proclaims His Honor, Brian Zimmerman, 12, the mayor of Crabb, Texas (pop. 400, dripping wet). Elected in September 1983, Zimmerman is a lifelong student of government who made just one campaign promise: the incorporation of Crabb to hold off annexation by hovering Houston. The town will vote on the idea this week at the Crabb grocery store owned by his grandmother. If the measure passes, young Zimmerman will be out of a job because Texas law requires the mayor of an incorporated town to be at least 18. Many residents think the measure will increase taxes and result in no real benefits. "Brian Zimmerman seems like a nice boy," says Diana Critelli, "but it's no longer cute when he begins to affect you at home." For his part, Zimmerman coolly predicts victory and is busy knocking on doors and posting reminders to vote. What will he do if he wins, that is to say, loses his job? "I don't know," says Zimmerman. "There isn't that much to do around here. I'll go fishing, probably." --By Guy D. Garcia

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