How Luck Ran Out For A Most Wanted Fugitive

An arduous manhunt ends as authorities arrest the alleged Olympics bomber

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After his arrest, Rudolph was being held in Murphy and was scheduled to appear before a federal judge this week. He already faces several federal charges, including illegally using and transporting explosives, and could face the death penalty.

If nothing else, his capture provides a measure of respite for his 120-plus alleged victims, including the families of the woman killed in the Olympics bombing and the police officer who died in the Birmingham blast. Upon hearing of his arrest, Emily Lyons, whose face was nearly blown off by the nail bomb used in Birmingham, said, "I could have been dancing in the street."

As for Richard Jewell, the security guard initially accused of the Olympics bombing and later vindicated, his lawyer says he is "happily married" and working as a Georgia policeman. But he is not in a forgiving mood. "Vindication for Richard," says his lawyer, "would come only when someone pleads guilty to the [Olympics] bombing or is found guilty." That part of the Eric Rudolph case is just starting. --Reported by Paul Cuadros/Chapel Hill, Greg Fulton and Greg Land/Atlanta, Constance Richards/Murphy and Frank Sikora/Birmingham

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