Friday, May. 18, 2012

Strike's Off

.75 oz Bittermens Citron Sauvage (can substitute with lemon juice)
.75 oz Swedish Punch
1.5 oz Dry Gin

Bar: Amor y Amargo
Barman: Avery Glasser

Plying his trade during Prohibition, famed American bartender Harry Craddock took up residence in London's Savoy Hotel in 1920. In 1926, following the end of paralyzing General Strike in the U.K., he toasted his well-heeled, plutocratic patrons with this luscious potion of gin. Swedish punch, another obscure liqueur re-entering the U.S. market after a long exile, is sweet, rummy, and spicy and opens up gin's botanicals like a garden in full bloom.