Wednesday, Apr. 18, 2012

Chelsea Handler

Look, I don't know how Chelsea Handler does it. She presides over her own media empire — talk show, sitcom, books — all while sharing a network with Ryan Seacrest and the Kardashians. To hell with the TIME 100; she should be Person of the Year just for putting up with Khloe.

What I love about Chelsea, 37, is that she gets the joke. She has not bought into the Hollywood myth that celebrities walk on water. She's still a trash-talking gal from Jersey. Sure, she's an extremely wealthy trash-talking gal from Jersey, but her authenticity is 100 proof. And yes, I made a vodka reference during a Chelsea Handler tribute. You knew it was coming.

Few women in comedy have gotten the attention and respect of the Establishment. Chelsea has, while being raw, hilarious and unafraid to cross the line — and take it from me, that combination doesn't always go over. And Seacrest, if you're reading this, remember: it won't be long before Chelsea can buy and sell you.

Griffin hosts Kathy on Bravo