Thursday, Feb. 16, 2012

Love Land

Located on the South Korean island of Jeju — known in decades past as the traditional honeymoon island for arranged-marriage newlyweds — Love Land is one of the world's most salacious sculpture gardens. The park greets visitors with sprawling limbs and remarkably acrobatic (and unmentionable) depictions of love-making, created by art students from Korea's Hongik University. Besides phallic artwork, the park also includes sex-ed information at its visitor center and a gift shop for those who leave the park feeling, ahem, inspired. In China, one man was so taken by the idea that he designed and constructed a Love Land for his own country's citizens and served as its park manager. However, Chinese authorities shuttered the completed park in May 2009 before it ever opened, relegating China's kinkier side back behind closed doors.