Thursday, Feb. 09, 2012

Ludacris' Straits Atlanta & Chicken N Beer

It's not every day that a raucous rapper can succeed as a restauranteur, but Ludacris (real name Christopher Bridges) isn't just any rapper. In 2008, the Grammy winner and sometimes-actor opened a Singaporean restaurant called Straits Atlanta in his beloved hometown. The restaurant was praised for its ambiance as well as its unique dishes, like Kung Pow Lollipops, which were cultivated by chef Chris Yeo, who debuted the Straits franchise in California. While Straits Atlanta was mildly successful, Ludacris announced in early 2012 that he would shutter the establishment in order to focus on a new restaurant that will based inside Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. The venture, Chicken N Beer, is named after Luda's popular third studio album, and will focus on comfort food and craft beers culled from locally grown ingredients. As the airport accommodates up to 89 million passengers per year, it's likely that Chicken N Beer will enjoy its fair share of traffic, but whether it will be as popular as the music that came from the eponymous album is yet to be proven.