Tuesday, Feb. 07, 2012

Fashion Week: Five Questions With Tory Burch

Though she became famous for her trademark ballet flats, these days, designer Tory Burch is also well regarded for her chic clothing collections. She tells TIME about her Fall/Winter 2012 collection, the other designers she's looking forward to seeing this Fashion Week and why she loves showing in New York City.

What is your fall-winter collection inspired by?
We were thinking about this idea of a prim girl with the wrong boyfriend. It's the sense of being polished and proper, but with a subversive, sexy undertone. She's not totally aware of her sex appeal. We'd seen In the Mood For Love, the movie, and it just sort of was this feeling. There's the skinnier pant, the peplum jackets and we did this sort of peplum cashmere sweater. There was just this sexy undertone throughout the collection, but I still like it to look pulled together.

What is your favorite piece from it?
There is this sort of fisherman coat that was based off a fisherman sweater with stitching and deconstructed shoulders. I also love this paperweight peplum jacket. It's in a steel blue.

Who is a celebrity you'd love to dress but haven't yet?
I think probably Cate Blanchett. I think she has great style. She takes risks with fashion. She's just super chic. And, she's also a great actor. But it seems like she takes care of her own wardrobe though. I think she's known for having an individual sense of style.

What other collections are you looking forward to?
In America, Proenza Schouler and I always love seeing Narciso [Rodriguez], who is a great friend. Rag & Bone, I like to see. And always looking at Prada.

What is the best part of New York City?
I just love the energy of going into different areas of New York. I love exploring New York and I think that's what is so exciting about it. You find places that you've never heard of or seen before all the time. There's a restaurant called Bohemian that I love. It's sashimi and steak and it's behind this Japanese grocery store — it's very tiny and the food is fantastic. I highly recommend it.