Tuesday, Feb. 07, 2012

Five Questions With BCBG's Lubov Azria

"Good style, good attitude" — That's what you get from the BCBG Max Azria brand, so named for the French phrase "bon chic, bon genre." As one of the most accessible and wearable labels to show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, designers Max Azria and his wife Lubov have remained focused on creating contemporary pieces that cater to the stylish and street-savvy women they represent. With fans such as Halle Berry, Beyoncé, Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson, BCBG is one of the only designer brands that easily transcends the runway to make a statement on Hollywood's red carpets or in everyday life.

BCBG Max Azria's Fall/Winter 2012 collection, which was showcased Thursday at New York Fashion Week, was an eclectic and colorful mix of architectural-inspired lines, prim pleats and fur details, crafted in simple, yet elegant silhouettes. We chatted with Lubov Azria before the show to find out more about the brand's signature style.

Can you tell me a little bit about the inspiration behind your collection?
It's inspired by Bauhaus of the 1930s, by its modernism and constructivism and color. We have a range of colors, from neutrals to beautiful reds and burgundys to blues to pops of yellows, fading into black and white at the end. It's a really beautiful ombre.

Do you have a favorite piece from the collection?
It's like choosing a favorite child! You know, I think I always like look number one, because it kind of makes a statement. But there are so many beautiful color-blocked pieces down the runway. I usually like jumpsuits. There's one in a black and a blue that's beautiful with sleeves.

Are there any celebrities that you would love to dress, but haven't yet?
You know, I'm not so big on celebrities, because sometimes they're only as good as their last movies. But I think [I would love to dress] the woman who did The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Rooney Mara). There's something about her that I really like. I think the transformation and the type of woman that she is, the way she's portrayed, I think she is pretty amazing. I would love to dress her, but I haven't had the chance... yet.

Are you looking forward to any other collections this season?
I don't see any! I am looking forward to Hervé Leger, which is another line that we have, which is going to be fantastic and I'm very excited about it.

BCBG has been in business for since 1989. What are the secrets to your success and longevity?
I think consistency. Always learning, being curious and really focusing on what your dream is, what you want to do. I think that's so important. A lot of people switch jobs, saying they want to do this or that, but I think it's very important to be focused and just go after it. And also the type of clothes, the aesthetics. With every designer, you're going to see, we all design the same clothes, because it has to fit a woman. But it's those little details — our aesthetics — that makes us different.