Tuesday, Feb. 07, 2012

Five Questions with Model Liu Wen

A regular both on the runway and in fashion magazines, Chinese model Liu Wen made history when she became the first person of East Asian descent to be featured in an Estée Lauder cosmetics campaign. She talked with TIME about her favorite part of Fashion Week, how she celebrated Chinese New Year and why she's obsessed with Facebook as much as everyone else.

Do you have a favorite part of Fashion Week?
I have two, actually. One is the fittings because I get to see the new season's clothes and I'm the first one to see them. The second part is when we're actually on the runway — the hair, makeup, clothing, people watching you — that's an amazing feeling.

Is there a show you are particularly excited to walk this year?
Every season of Fashion Week is totally different, so I cannot really choose one. I really like to work with Asian designers. I really like Alexander Wang, also Jason Wu and Anna Sui. But every season of a collection is very different.

How did you feel about being the first East Asian face of Estée Lauder?
I felt very, very excited — and surprised. I remember when I was younger and living in Beijing, I saw lots of Estée Lauder posters on the subway. I wished one day I could be a part of that. Now I'm living my dream.

Did you do anything fun for Chinese New Year this year?
No, I was so sad. I've missed Chinese New Year for four years. Usually Chinese New Year is in February, but February in New York is Fashion Week and my first season doing fashion week was 2008. And this year, it changed because Chinese New Year was in January, but I was in Paris doing couture, so I missed it again. But in Paris this time, I was with my best friend, and we had Chinese New Year dinner. It was very good, but different.

You just recently joined Facebook and enabled Timeline and subscribers. Do you use it for your work, or just for personal stuff?
For everything. For my job, for my friends, just talking. I do put up a lot of my job pictures, but some pictures are just of me having fun. If I eat great food or I see an amazing place, I just share it with my friends on Facebook.