Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2012

Giants vs. Red Sox, 1912

The 1912 World Series is one of the most notable and nail-biting games in the history of New York and Boston sports rivalries. It was one of only four World Series to go to eight games — and the only best-of-seven series to hit the eight-game mark. The Boston Red Sox barely snatched the title from the New York Giants, beating them four games to three with one tie. Remarkable pitching from the Giants' Christy Mathewson, the best hurler in the National League, and the Red Sox's "Smoky Joe" Wood characterized the dramatic series. Wood struck out 11 batters in one game, saying, "I threw so hard I thought my arm would fly right off my body." Giants center fielder Fred Snodgrass has long been blamed for the loss: he dropped a ball in the final inning, allowing Boston to gain an extra base. His drop is forever known as "the $30,000 muff."