Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2012

Miller's Grizzled Langurs

In June 2011, a team of scientists working deep in the jungle of Indonesia set up cameras, hoping to capture images of leopards and orangutans. But when they reviewed the film they saw they got more than they bargained for. In addition to leopards and orangutans, they found images of the extremely rare — and presumed extinct — Miller's Grizzled Langurs. The creatures once inhabited the Indonesian islands of Sumatra and Java, as well as the Thai-Malay peninsula. But a 2005 field survey yielded no trace of the rare primate, and after years of damage from fires, agriculture and mining, scientists erroneously concluded that Miller's Grizzled Langurs were no more. The photos proved otherwise, but researchers have yet to determine how many individual Grizzled Langurs actually exist. Looks like it's time to start counting monkeys.