Friday, Nov. 16, 2012


When Richard LaMotta wanted to launch his ice cream sandwich into the market in 1981, he chose a bold strategy. Until that point, frozen treats marketed at children had a price ceiling of $1, with the belief that parents wouldn't want to shell out more than that magic number on an ice cream cone. But what about an ice cream treat aimed for adults? LaMotta knew that if he was going to use better ingredients, he'd have to charge more. LaMotta's first 50 carts in New York City sold the Chipwich — ice cream sandwiched between two chocolate-chip cookies — for $2 a piece. LaMotta reached out to the press, sharing Chipwiches with any reporter who might want to write about it. He gained 30 lb., but launched a phenomenon. In 2002, LaMotta sold the company to CoolBrands, who five years later sold it to Nestlé. Because the Chipwich competed with Nestlé's own cookies, they discontinued its sales, but you can make it yourself in the kitchen.