Friday, Nov. 16, 2012


Snickers may cause "substantial satisfaction," but that gluttonous gratification comes at a price — to your diet, that is. The milk-chocolaty treat, which is packed with delicious peanuts, nougat and caramel, has been taunting dieters around the world since the 1930s. Over the years, the candy bar has taken on many variations — from Snickers Almond to peanut-butter and ice cream bars, to pizza (seriously) — but the original always remains No. 1, with more than 15 million bars being produced every single day. That's a whole lot of peanuts — 99 tons of them, to be exact. While it may be impossible to avoid this sugary treat, any nutritionist would warn you to stay away. After all, one 2.07-oz. (58.7 g) bar is packed with 280 calories — 130 of which come from fat. No wonder it can "handle your hunger."