Wednesday, Dec. 07, 2011

Sword & Sworcery

Easily the most beautiful mobile game of the year — maybe the most beautiful game of the year, period — Sword & Sworcery (personally, I like to pronounce that extra w) is a slowed-down, chilled-out, highly self-aware D&D-type fantasy adventure set to an ambient track of sublime mellowness. You, a hero, have come to this lush, overcast, pointillist world in order to solve puzzles, liberate sylvan sprites, kill something every once in a while and generally bask in the powerfully calm atmosphere of a game unlike anything else on the iOS platform. You have to take it at its own pace: it's a zero-adrenaline ride. Just groove on the spacey vibe and the smart writing and the post-Impressionist gorgeousness of the world — if Georges Seurat made a fantasy RPG, it would be Sword & Sworcery.