Wednesday, Dec. 07, 2011


Typically it's wide receivers who are known to make a statement when their team makes an impressive play. That was, until Tim Tebow. The Denver Bronco's habit of dropping to one knee and bowing his head in prayer after a particularly successful play, made him not only the most visibly faithful member of the NFL, but an internet celebrity. Tebow's prayerful pose, reminiscent of Rodin's Thinker sculpture, garnered its own website for imitators, Created by a New Yorker with Denver loyalties, the site has the best intentions to promote, not desecrate, Tebow's Zen-like state. Some have Tebowed underwater. Others in the Sahara Desert. And still others in front of the world's most pose-worthy structure, the Leaning Tower of Pisa.. What does Tebow think of the meme? The quarterback has said he is pleased that the internet fad, however fleeting, is encouraging people to pray.