Wednesday, Dec. 07, 2011

Cain's Abortion Antics

Herman Cain has the rare ability to transcend the normal boundaries of political gaffe by not just misstating mere fact, but displaying a brazen misunderstanding of an entire issue. Just consider the following exchange between Cain and Fox News host John Stossel on abortion. (For those who might be unfamiliar with the last few decades of American political debate on the issue, people who identify as "pro-life" believe that abortion should be outlawed by the government, while those who identify as "pro-choice" believe the practice should be legal even if they disapprove of its use.)

Cain: I'm pro life from conception.
Stossel: Any cases where it should be legal?

Cain: I don't think government should make that decision.
Stossel: People should be free to abort?

Cain: No, people shouldn't be just free to abort... I'm pro-life. Period.
Stossel: If a woman is raped, she shouldn't be allowed to end the pregnancy?

Cain: That's her choice. That is not government's choice...
Stossel: So abortion should be legal?

Cain: No, abortion should not be legal. I believe in the sanctity of life.
Stossel: I'm not getting it.

Neither, it was clear then, was Cain.