Wednesday, Dec. 07, 2011

Bree Olson

There are many aspects of the very public Charlie Sheen kerfuffle after his feud with CBS that we wish we could forget: the term "winning," the bizarre references to "tiger blood," the rambling boasts. And then there are the aspects we already have forgotten: namely, the identities of Sheen's "goddesses," as he dubbed his live-in girlfriends. Porn star and Penthouse model Bree Olson, whose real name is Rachel Oberlin, was one of those goddesses, appearing briefly with Sheen in his bizarre 20/20 interview. While the publicity around Sheen's erratic behavior swelled, his relationship with Olson ended, and she took the opportunity (and perhaps used the notoriety) to pursue a more mainstream acting career. Unfortunately for her, an aging actor dating a young porn star was the least sensational thing about the Sheen drama; the public was more concerned with who'd replace the actor on Two and a Half Men than it was with his paramour.