Wednesday, Dec. 07, 2011

Sarah Lane

Though ballerina Sarah Lane has spent years training at the barre, her brief stardom in 2011 came down to a bit of math. As the dancing body double for Natalie Portman's tortured ballerina in Black Swan, the American Ballet Theatre soloist's talent and technique were on display during many of the film's dance sequences. Yet during the film's promotion, Portman's fiancé told a reporter that it was Nat's skills on display for 85% of the film. Lane was apparently outraged by the lack of credit, as she gave her own estimate to the press: "Of the full-body shots, I would say 5% are Natalie." Unfortunately for Lane, the public seemed more eager to believe in Portman's dedication than dance reality — especially after the film's director and studio backed up Portman's dance performance. We understand the idea of giving credit where credit is due, but we're betting that Lane's phone won't be ringing for many more Hollywood dance-double parts.