Wednesday, Dec. 07, 2011

Tiger Woods vs. Caddie Steve Williams

When Tiger Woods' faithful sidekick, caddie Steve Williams, was publically fired via Woods' website, it was a shot that he never saw coming. On Tiger's bag for more than 12 years, Williams helped guide the golfer to 13 victories in major tournaments. Citing "time for a change," Woods dumped his caddie with no replacement lined up and no other details provided, as he remained off the course with a leg injury. "There are some great things that Stevie and I did. That's how I look at it. I know he probably looks at it differently than I do, but, hey, life goes forwards," said Tiger. As it turned out, Stevie rebounded much more quickly than Tiger. He's currently caddying for Adam Scott, now ranked ninth in the world. But Williams' bitterness about his former employer has continued to plague him. He commented that his first win with Scott was the "greatest victory of his career," an almost certain exaggeration that he said was meant to "shove it" to Tiger. But in November, when the two encountered each other at the President's Cup in Australia, Woods extended a friendly hand to Williams — and his former caddy shook back generously.