Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2011

For Short-Lived But Hilarious Tumblrs

We are very thankful that the Internet never fills up. There's always room for one more meme, one more Tumblr blog, one more mindless yet hilarious trend. Judge us if you will, but it enriches our daily lives to scroll mindlessly through Photoshopped pictures of Disney princesses, to see the UC Davis cop pepper-spraying everything that history ever considered sacred and to read the hilarious commentary from "Suri Cruise" as she rips other Hollywood elite children to shreds in her burn book. This year, Tumblr has become the veritable hub of meme-worthy photos and commentary. Some Tumblrs are so filled with cuteness that the awwwws echo down the hallway, while the hilarity of others causes us to spew drops of our morning coffee all over our computer screens. Even though these blogs are often short-lived, in the moment, the joy they bring to our lives does not go unappreciated.