Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2011

The Royal Wedding Hoopla Died Down Quickly After They Got Hitched

From the moment that Prince William and Kate Middleton announced their engagement in November 2010, the whole world was rapt with excitement over the Royal Wedding — TIME included. For five months, we covered all the details leading up to the event — from the invitations to the guest list and even the royal couple's lineage — and we did so with gusto. But by the time the April nuptials arrived, fatigue had started to set in. Sure, gawking at the dresses, the funny hats and the kiss seen around the world were entertaining, but we were happy when, after the wedding was over, the royal couple retreated on their honeymoon and the hoopla quietly died down. At least for a little bit. If the rumors are true (and let's face it, at some point they will be), we could soon be covering the arrival of the Royal Baby. Just think: a full nine months of baby showers and name guessing. We can't wait?