Thursday, Sep. 22, 2011

Alums Say the Program Helps U.S. Image but Falls Short on Service Goals

The goals of the Peace Corps are three-fold: personal fulfillment, community service and to bolster the U.S.' image abroad. Fifty years into its mission, alums say the organization is doing a pretty good job. According to a recent survey of Peace Corps alumni conducted by Civic Enterprises and the National Peace Corps Association, a two-year stint in the organization does indeed make the U.S. look good. An impressive 82% of those surveyed said their service fostered a better understanding of the U.S. in the communities they served. The alums also responded favorably to the program as a whole, with almost all responding that they would recommend it to friends and family. The least-attainable goal was that of community service — less than one-third felt they completed their assignment goals, which might have been related to the fact that only 25% thought their assignments were "well defined." If the corps addresses that stat, it may produce even brighter survey results come the next anniversary.